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Condizioni generali di contratto

I.        General Terms

These terms and conditions are valid for all present and future business relationships. Companies in the sense of these business conditions are natural or legal persons or legal partnerships who practice a commercial or independent activity

II.        Contractual scope and delivery obligation

Our offers are subject to confirmation and unbinding, Orders are only binding for us insofar as we confirm them in writing. Supplements, changes or additional agreements require the written confirmation by us. This is also valid for orders taken by our representatives.

III.        Prices

Our prices are EURO prices in the Federal Republic of Germany. All prices are valid from plant excluding packaging and shipping ans always plus VAT. Packaging and shipping costs are calculated at our own costs. With an order value below Euro 100.- we calculate a processing flat rate of Euro 20.- We bill for samples. If they are sent back within 10 days after shipping, the billed amount will be cancelled. The payment of the cost share of tools by the customer is taken into consideration in the prices for special products. The customer therefore does not acquire the ownership of these tools. They remain our property.

IV.        Reservation of Title

The goods remain our property until the fulfillment of all claims towards the customers have been paid. The customer is not entitled until complete payment to access the goods, pawn them to third parties or use them as security. Processing of our goods follows. Processing of our goods follows, insofar as legally admissible, to the exclusion of the acquisition of ownership according to sect. 950 BGB. Insofar as the customer becomes owner through processing of mixing, he transfers for security for our payment demands the co-ownership of the new object to us in the relationship for the value of the goods delivered by us to the otherwise agreed upon objects under the simultaneous agreement that he keeps these goods for us. A resale is allowed to the customer in the customary business course under the condition that the customer receives immediate payment or makes the reservation that the ownership is not passed on to the third party if this party has paid the full price, insofar we give our consent to the transfer of the ownership to third parties. The purchase price paid by the third party is received directly by the customer in the amount of our payment demands in trust with the obligation of immediately transferring the sum to us. For the case of resale, the customer concedes his future purchase price demand as security to us with completion of the transaction without special further explanation, we herewith accept the named concession. Until cancellation, the customer is authorized to accept the newly resulting purchase price demand. We reserve the right to collect the demands ourselves as soon as the customer does not meet his payment obligation properly and / or is in default of payment. Upon request, the customer is to inform us of his purchaser and inform him of the cession as well as give us the necessary documents for asserting our rights. Upon request by the customer, we are obliged to release the securities insofar as their feasible value exceeds our demands by more than 20%. The selection of the securities to be released are reserved. If the customer is in default of a due payment fully or partially, we are entitled after unsuccessful expiration to cancel the contract with an adequate deadline. Our right to cancel also exists if conditions become known which are suitable to reduce the creditworthiness of the customer. If we cancel the contract, we are entitled to specially store and have picked up the goods delivered by us at the cost of the customer. The customer already declares his agreement with completion of the contract that the person commissioned by us with the pick up can enter and drive on the property where the goods are found. Alternatively to the right of cancellation, we can demand security from the customer.