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Ökoprofit award for A. & H. Meyer

ÖKOPROFIT® project of the district of Lippe

Yesterday, the participants in the 3rd round of the Ökoprofit project were honored at the InnovationSPIN in Lemgo. This means that the one-year project phase, which was accompanied by our Teamgreen for 🔌 A. & H. Meyer 🏅, was successfully completed. The award adds another piece of the puzzle to our sustainability initiative; We are now 🌳 Ökoprofit company 2023/2024 🌳.

The sustainable use of energy and resources was the aim of the third round of the ÖKOPROFIT® project. In view of rising energy and material costs, many companies are having to recalculate and are looking for ways to save energy and become more independent.

The aim is to improve the environmental and climate footprint of the participating companies and facilities, reduce operating costs and promote employee motivation.

A. & H. Meyer Sustainability Initiative

ÖKOPROFIT® project of the district of Lippe

Environmental program

Measure Investment Annual savings or benefits Date
Supply of local heat from biogas 70.000 € Independence from fossil fuels Completed
Hot water preparation through the use of instantaneous water heaters 5.500 € 3,750 €, saving 226,000 kWh of thermal energy and 11 t CO 2 Completed
Installation of electric ball valves to shut off individual compressed air areas 1.000 € 650 €, saving 6,300 kWh of electricity Completed
Setting up a PV system 332 kWp 350.000 € €54,000, own energy production of 269,000 kWh of electricity expected in 2025
Setting up peak load management 15.000 € €13,000, more transparency in the area of energy consumers and better cost control Ongoing since 2025
Replacing old compressors with models with heat recovery (equivalent to 20% natural gas savings) 45.000 € €5,000, saving 71,000 kWh of energy and 2.25 t of CO2 (including 25,000 kWh of natural gas and 46,000 kWh of electricity through efficiency) 2024
Introduction of ISO 14001 30.000 € Targeted continuation of environmental measures 2024

Environmental Chronicle

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