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Questions and answers

General questions from our visitors, interested parties and customers about products, delivery, warranty and complaints are answered on this page. So that we can also help you with special and unlisted questions, simply use the FAQ form and direct your question(s) to us.

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Questions and answers


In which cases does a NETBOX feature a power output?
  • Our NETBOXes are fitted with through wiring as a standard and accordingly with a power output. In the following cases we had to deviate from this standard:
  • For NETBOXes with a fixed connection of a power supply cable or a connection cable, it may also be necessary to include a respective connection cable for the power output.
  • Some of the NETBOXes (e.g. M2, M3, M4) can only be used with one input and one output. If these NETBOXes are configured with power and communication inserts, the output can only be used for the communication modules.
  • NETBOXes which are fitted with the inserts VGA, HDMI, USB, etc., do not have any through wiring and accordingly no power output.
What are the cut-out dimensions for your NETBOXes? Do you have any dimensional drawings for your products?
  • The cut-out dimensions for our NETBOXes are already stated in our quotations. You will find the dimensional drawings of all A. & H. Meyer products under the respective heading at our homepage.
Is the NETBOX M series also available with one and/or five or more inserts?
  • The NETBOX M2 is only available with 2 inserts.
  • The NETBOX M3 is only available with 3 inserts.
  • The NETBOX M4 is only available with 4 inserts.
  • The NETBOX Kontakt is only available with 2 or 3 inserts.
Is it possible to convert A. & H. Meyer products?
  • A conversion of our products is possible from the technical point of view. However, it must be observed that the length of the original NETBOX cannot be changed.

a.) We can certainly carry out a conversion for you. It will be a pleasure for us to offer this at request.

b.) If the conversion is carried out by the client himself, the following points must be observed:

- The warranty claim will become void, if the NETBOXes are opened by any third party and the seal is destroyed.

- The conversion must only be carried out by an authorised electrical specialist.

- The inserts required for the conversion, which may need to be delivered by us, also have an estimated delivery period of approx. 3-4 weeks.

- We do not provide any instructions on how to effect the conversion.

Are there any country-specific inserts or certificates?
  • Inserts: A choice of the available inserts can be found in the product area "NETMODULE" at our homepage.
  • Certificates: Our compiled certificates can be found at our homepage under the category "Service" in the download area. Are specific certificates required, you are welcome to contact us with e-mail and we will send them immediately.
Does my client need an insert RJ45 or GG45?

The insert RJ45 is available as follows:

  • RJ45 Cat. 5 unshielded
  • RJ45 Cat. 6 unshielded
  • RJ45 Cat. 5 shielded
  • RJ45 Cat. 6 shielded
  • The insert GG45 is only available as Cat. 7 in the shielded version.

The clients often demand RJ45 Cat. 7 shielded. In this case it must be checked whether the client asks for this, because Cat. 7 is printed on the patch cables. What is decisive, however, for the inquiry is which jack is used in the building, RJ45 or GG45.
If in the building installation RJ45 Cat. 6 jacks shielded are used, it is necessary to fit the NETBOXes with RJ45 Cat. 6 shielded inserts.
Furthermore, it must be observed that the interfaces of the inserts GG45 and RJ45 considerably differ from each other and that the respective jacks are only downwards compatible.

Which standard cable lengths are available?

The following inserts are available with the below stated cable lengths:

  • Insert VGA: 0.5 metre, 3 metres and 6 metres
  • Inserts HDMI / DVI: 3 metres
  • Insert USB: 0.3 metres, 3 metres
  • Insert RJ45: 1 metre, 2 metres, 3.5 metres, 4.5 metres, 6.3 metres, 7.3 metres, 9.3 metres, 10 metres
  • Insert GG45: 2.4 metres
  • Power supply cable: 1 to 9 metres, in metre steps only
  • Connection cable: 1 to 9 metres, in metre steps only
  • Other cable lengths at request only
  • You will receive the possible cable lengths of the other inserts at request.
How long is the warranty period for the A. & H. Meyer products?
  • The warranty period for our products is two years as of the date of delivery.

Purchase / Delivery

Can I purchase from you directly?
  • Our range of products is offered to office furniture manufacturers and/or dealers amongst others; but also to facility management or media equipment companies. And also to shop and exhibition stand construction companies and hotel fitters. We are sorry to say that we do not provide any direct supply to end users, not even in the case of companies and/or institutions.
Do you have any representations abroad? Are your products available in the electric retail trade?
  • Our international representations can be found at our homepage under the heading "Contacts". We will gladly state our national distribution partners at request, if you inform us of your postal code. Our products are generally not available in electric retail trade.
How long is the delivery period for A. & H. Meyer products?
  • The delivery period at the moment is approx. 3-4 weeks. Very urgent deadlines must be checked in each individual case.
Where do I find the delivery date on the order confirmation?
  • You will find the delivery date in the line of the respective item (column L - date).
What are the freight charges?
  • The freight charges for a shipment depend on the respective dimensional weight. The dimensional weight of one shipment consists of the weight of the ordered articles and the weight of the packaging (dimension). It will be a pleasure for us to state you a non-binding guideline at request.
What is the procedure for pre-payment customers?
  • The procedure for pre-payment customers involves us processing your written order immediately. You receive an order confirmation with information about a planned delivery date and notification that we will then send you a pre-payment invoice.
  • It should be noted that we send our pre-payment invoice once the items you have ordered are manufactured.
  • On the basis of the pre-payment invoice, you can now make the payment – in the meantime, the goods undergo a technical inspection by us and are then packaged so that there is no further delay. The goods are shipped as soon as payment is received.


What is the procedure for return or exchange to A. & H. Meyer?

Please contact your contact person from our sales team prior to any return. Your contact will send you a return slip. Please attach this to the return, as only then an immediate processing is possible.

Choose your contact person

For creation of the return slip we require the following information about the goods to be returned:

  • Order no.
  • Item no.
  • Quantity
  • Reason for return (for complaints, a description of the error)

Please note that the return must be submitted delivered free to our factory. An "unfree" delivery will cause that the goods possibly will not be accepted.

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