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Built-in sockets

Built-in sockets for the furniture surface

Built-in sockets with USB charger for furniture and kitchens are practical solutions for integrating additional sockets and connections (e.g. USB-C charger) directly into furniture such as cabinets, desks or kitchen worktops. They are supplied as compact units (NETBOXES) that can be built into the furniture surface. These sockets provide multiple sockets for electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, kitchen appliances and other electronic devices. They enable convenient power supply and connection of various devices directly to the furniture without the need for additional extension cables or adapters. They offer a convenient and safe way to power and connect all devices and avoid cable clutter for a tidy work surface. As the sockets are integrated into the furniture, they remain discreet and unobtrusive. NETBOX built-in sockets with swivel mechanism or flaps completely conceal sockets and USB chargers. The high-quality aluminium look or the lacquering in the trendy colour black further enhance the NETBOX built-in sockets in the furniture.

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Built-in sockets (NETBOXES) for furniture

NETBOX product overview

Built-in sockets