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A. & H. Meyer | the corporate philosophy

Since our foundation in the year 1961, we - as a medium-sized company - have lived by the corporate philosophy in which 5 main ideas have served us as a solid base for a successful and cooperative relationship with our clients, suppliers and employees.


  • Quality and safety

We make highest demands on the quality and safety of our products and services. True to the motto "Quality is when the client returns and not the goods", we subject all NETBOXES to a 100% functional test prior to dispatch. Working according to the certification ISO-9001 as well as the awarded worldwide approvals and quality marks for our products go without saying.


  • Client satisfaction

A high degree of client satisfaction is no self-runner according to our opinion. Addressing arising problems, searching individual solutions, reliable compliance with schedules and the willingness to develop an understanding for our clients' ways of working are only a few reasons why we have gained their trust for so many years.


  • International orientation

We consider our international orientation to be indispensable in times of increasing globalization. It is a pleasure for us to coordinate your international contacts and help you worldwide when looking for the right contact for your project. In this objective we are not only supported by our subsidiary A. & H. Meyer Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia, but also by our distribution partners worldwide. To us it is of the utmost importance that our distribution partners follow a similar corporate philosophy as we - A. & H. Meyer GmbH - do.


  • Constant innovation process

Our products as well as our corporate structures are subject to a constant innovation process. In accordance with the requirements of the market, our product management incessantly strives to develop new solutions, ensuring added-value for our clients.


  • Maximum preservation of the environment

In times of changing climatic conditions, we are aware of our responsibility of maximum preservation of the environment. Environmentally friendly production standards, resource-saving production processes, energy-saving product solutions and the participation in environmental projects are only a few examples for A. & H. Meyer.

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