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USB charger back from the gym

USB charger 65 watts type A + C

  • Quality by A. & H. Meyer
    Tested and certified according to international standards
  • Enough power
    65 watts charging power also for charging laptops
  • Sustainable & universal
    Powerful connections USB-C & USB-A
  • Future-proof
    USB-C will be the standard connection for smartphones, tablets and the like from 2024
  • Lightning fast
    Latest USB charging protocols for fastest possible charging
  • Space miracle
    3.6 times as much power as the the predecessor with the same dimensions

Technical details

  • Output type A: 
    max. output current 3 A @ 5/9/12 V DC, max. 36 VA (Watts).
  • Output type C: 
    max. output current 3 A @ 5/9/12/15 V: max. 45 VA (Watts)
    max. output current 3.25 A @ 20 V: max. 65 VA (Watts)
  • Charging protocols: 
    QC 2.0/3.0/5, PD 3.0 and PPS
    The module has charging current control, output overcurrent limiting and output overvoltage protection, tested according to EN 62368-1, EN55032, EN55035, EN61000 and EN IEC 61558

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